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E7: 3/12/2020 - Advanced Persistent Podcast

March 12, 2020


Show Notes

InfiniteHacks - Advanced Persistent Podcast

Welcome to the Advanced Persistent Podcast for Thursday March 12, 2020 - your source for daily security news from, sponsored by Moonside Solutions Technology Services, specializing in Azure cloud deployment and field technology services in the northern plains region.

So let's get to it!
This morning I got an email that said my google account for InfiniteHacks has been reviewed, and just needs to be verified. That means YouTube access is back!

President Trump has suspended travel from Europe for 30 days,
the NBA has suspended its season,
markets have plummeted again on bad news,
and it seems like events, gatherings and conferences around the world have cancelled.

75% of companies report coronavirus has disrupted their supply chainsArs readers share their stories of coronavirus-related hardware shortages and more

New Phishing Campaign Targets Health, Pharma with HIV Test Results

Secret-sharing app Whisper shared secrets like last known location and actual password tokens in exposed database

Surveillance Company Banjo Used a Secret Company and Fake Apps To Scrape Social Media

Coronavirus arrives on Capitol Hill: First Senate staffer diagnosed with covid-19

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